Man vs. Machine has been there on the scene for quite a few decades now and I feel that the victories are fairly balanced in both the cases. If we have to accomplish a task with set conditions and fixed parameters again and again with zero allowance for errors, then the machine is our pick. However, if we have to get things done in a way which is near to the human nature or have to make some experiments of already existing things, then nothing can beat a human. Cooking is one such thing. No machine can ever be compared to the zeal, talent, variety and taste perception of a good cook. Though some basic cooking can be done by using the gadgets such as microwave and oven etc, it is still impossible to remove the human intervention in cooking completely.

baking breadOne such thing which has made baking easier and effortless as never before is the Bread Maker. Baking is one of those tasks which require patience, practice, and precision. You just can’t have a bit less or a bit more yeast in the bread dough as it will spoil the taste. If you alter the proportion of water and flour, a poor yield is guaranteed too. Baking involves dough preparation, kneading, leaving, rising, and then finally baking in the oven, cooker, bakery hearth or any other thing. This task got simplified with the advent of the Bread Machines (intelligent ones) as they allowed the humans to have perfectly made, fresh bread, every single day without any effort investment.

bread makerThe bread makers allow us to pour the ingredients such as flour, water, milk, sugar, fruits, yeast etc and switch on the machine. Everything from kneading to baking will be done by the machine and you will get freshly baked bread without having to use your elbow grease. The modern day bread makers come armed with some very fine features such as auto-cutoff, delayed timer, lots of cycles, and ability to even adjust for some measurement errors.

You are able to make quick bread and jams, cakes etc in the bread makers. For the ones who knew only basics of bread making, the bread makers are a boon as these persons can now make different types of bread as well as marmalades etc and even the meat loaves in them. It is easy to make things and the counters remain clean. Cleaning and maintaining a bread machine is very easy and doesn’t require as much effort as required in regular baking. The bread makers have made it possible for every person to enjoy freshly baked bread at home every day without having any experience of the same. If you are thinking that the crust preferences cannot be taken care of in a bread machine, you are mistaken in that too. Some high-end models come with the options to have crusts as per your preferences. You can first check on the best bread machine reviews as they can be of help to you before you make decision on which brand you want to go with.

Well, well, well, for Bread Making, I think that machines are enough and for other things, Humans are always there.

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